Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Email Preference Center: Is Your Business Ready for One?

Marketo Email Preference Center

Think you are ready for an email preference center? Not so fast. Many times, companies want an email preference center to help its audience better manage email subscriptions. An email preference center is a best practice to help reduce unsubscribes while also providing consumers with the flexibility to customize their brand experience. All sounds great, right?  The big challenge of ... Read More »

How to Boost Your Content Engagement with a Triple Touch Approach

Content Marketing Marketing Automation

You created all of this great content, so now what? How do you maximize engagement for that content using Marketo and other marketing automation platforms…and make it measurable? In this post, I’ll cover best practice steps to maximize engagement with your marketing automation system using a triple touch methodology. See how one company boosted engagement by 167% while realizing short ... Read More »

The Lead Generation Marketing Ecosystem [Infographic]

get more leads

Trying to spot opportunities and weaknesses in your online marketing efforts? Want to understand how Internet marketing outlets can generate leads and convert them to customers? Here are a few things you might want to take a look at and ponder: Are you putting together effective lead generation campaign(s)? Some companies place themselves in a box, believing that SEO or social media is going ... Read More »

Best Practices for Marketo Landing Pages

Landing page example Marketo

Businesses use landing pages to collect information on their prospects in order to start the lead nurturing journey and pass leads on to Sales. According to Marketing Sherpa, 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers. Marketing Sherpa As with most marketing ... Read More »

Is Your Email Content as Relevant as Corey Feldman?

Email to Nowhere

In the 1980s, star Corey Feldman was the cat’s meow at the box office and tabloids covered him everywhere. Today he’s attempting to start a singing career as his acting career has gone into obscurity. Don’t let your email become as relevant to your readers as Feldman is to a Hollywood filmmaker. For example, I just received an offer for a flea treatment for a product that ... Read More »

Boost Your Nurturing Content with 7 Content Repurposing Dishes

Content Marketing Website Online Articles Information Video Communication

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance. MarketingSherpa Growing up, my mom had a knack for getting the most out of our family’s meals. Tonight’s turkey dinner turned into tomorrow’s sandwich for lunch followed by tomorrow night’s soup. Each of the meals used the same basic ... Read More »

Video Marketing 101 with Ian Hutchinson of Vidyard

Video marketing

Last year the amount of video from people and brands in Facebook’s News feed increased 3.6X year-over-year. Hubspot Blog As technology and people continue to evolve, so do marketing tactics. Video marketing has clearly begun to take charge as one of the more popular marketing platforms today. Five years ago, it was blogging that really took hold and now, videos ... Read More »

Is Content Syndication Worth the Investment?

content syndicationmarketing cloud

Many times when digital marketers talk about content syndication, they’re referring to an SEO tactic that’s intended to drive traffic to a site or expose a brand. The process involves the distribution of a blog, site, or content into third-party sites. Players in this space include Outbrain, Taboola and Reddit and the end goal is to either generate traffic or leads. In this post, I ... Read More »

10 Marketing Automation Top Tips – The Wrapup

Top Ten Target Shows Special Rated Companies

The presents are opened and now it’s time to go try out your favorites. From sales alignment to snippets to tokens, here are 10 marketing automation tips with a Marketo twist to get your marketing automation system humming. We have released ten marketing automation tips  to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them ... Read More »

Tip #9 – Cut Marketing Effort in Half with Program Tokens

work smarter advice

A token is more than what you get at the arcade. Imagine creating a landing page program that usually takes around an hour to build in less than 30 minutes. Multiple that by the number of programs in your company and that’s some serious time and cost savings. In Marketo, tokens help marketers streamline marketing operations and become automation wizards. We have released ten marketing ... Read More »