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5 Tips to Help You Excel at Your Next Trade Show

Expert Tips, Advice Concept.

Exhibiting at an industry trade show is a tried-and-true marketing tactic that can drive highly-engaged and qualified leads. But make no mistake: Pulling off a successful activation is more than just designing the perfect booth, ordering swoon-worthy swag, and making sure your most personable employees are ready to deliver the perfect elevator pitch. To maximize the impact of every single ... Read More »

Call the Darn Leads – 11 Mistakes Companies Make

Dialing telephone keypad

Time and time again, I see leads in companys’ systems that are supposed to get contacted. Yet, they just sit and begin to grow mold like the old bread in the back of your pantry. The quick answer is “just call them,” but that’s not always the right solution. These aging marketing qualified leads (MQLs) result in wasted investment and lost opportunity. ... Read More »

Video Marketing 101 with Ian Hutchinson of Vidyard

Video marketing

Last year the amount of video from people and brands in Facebook’s News feed increased 3.6X year-over-year. Hubspot Blog As technology and people continue to evolve, so do marketing tactics. Video marketing has clearly begun to take charge as one of the more popular marketing platforms today. Five years ago, it was blogging that really took hold and now, videos ... Read More »

Customer Advocacy: How to Build a Successful Community with Liz Courter

Liz Corter Interview

Brand advocates like to spend. According to Deloitte, customers spend 2X more on their favorite brands. Brand advocates are also 50% more likely to influence a purchase (Marketing Charts). How do you turn your customers into fans and advocates? The simple answer: It takes focus. What is Customer Advocacy? Customer advocacy is a specialized form of customer service in which companies focus on what ... Read More »

Lead Nurturing – Move Beyond Batch-n-Blast

Email Nurturing Conversation

Somewhat following on the path of last week’s lead scoring post, but taking a step backwards, today’s post is going to cover the importance of lead nurturing. And to begin with an analogy: Imagine you just got a new pet. This pet needs love and care to grow and have a good life. Without the proper amount of attention, food, and ... Read More »

Five Strategies to Boost Customer Retention


You don’t buy a car and forget to put gas in it. Don’t acquire a customer and neglect to nurture it. A recent shopping experience reinforced some of my thoughts about the importance of advocate and retention based marketing. Rule No. 1, Never Lose  a “Customer” Rule No. 2, Don’t Forget Rule No. 1 Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor and ... Read More »

Sit or Squat? – 6 Highlights from Marketo’s Boston Roadshow


The Marketo roadshow made its stop in Boston last Thursday at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston’s recently revitalized Seaport District. What did you miss? Check out below. 1) Sit or Squat? Mitch Joel Provides Some Great Insights…and Laughs Dubbed the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” by Marketing Magazine, the keynote was given by Mitch Joel of  Twist Image. He ... Read More »

How Personalized Retargeting Can Optimize Your B2B Ads

real time marketing This year, one of your top marketing priorities should be to take a long, hard look at your digital advertising strategy. Where is it working — and more importantly, where isn’t  it working? Current digital advertising methods make it difficult to generate qualified sales leads with [...]
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Marketo: What’s Coming August

Here’s a snapshot of what @Marketo has cooking for its August 2013 scheduled for 8/23/2013. Text-Only Emails – new option to send an email as text only.  REM Insight: Companies can now send more basic emails for customer support and service alerts. The new feature also provides more nurturing options as companies can give emails more of a non-marketing look ... Read More »