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Guide to Deleting Bad Data in Marketo

Delete bad data in Marketo

Is your Marketo database over the limit? Do you have lots of bad data living in your system that is driving down results? As described in part one of this post, the Gold Nugget Data Methodology is a systematic data retention process that helps organizations rid themselves of bad data and boost marketing performance. The Gold Nugget Data Methodology is part ... Read More »

Gold Nugget Data Policy – Six Steps To Trash Your Bad Data

Gold Nugget

Is your database overloaded with junk and dead leads? Is your marketing automation platform database size over the limit? Zombies really don’t have much use in the real world and neither does bad data in your database. Bad data is bad news. Not only does it clog your database and hike up your costs and software subscriptions; it makes your ... Read More »

Mining Out-of-Office Emails: Interview with Matt Benati

Matt Benati Lead Gnome

You know all of those out-of-office autoresponders and bounces that your email marketing system gets back? In most companies, that intelligence usually falls into a black hole. Today we are joined by Matt Benati, CEO of LeadGnome. He is going to share his thoughts on how to turn those emails into actionable intelligence to drive new leads and build an ... Read More »

3 Tips to Streamline the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Changes [On Demand Webinar]

Marketo’s recent announcement of the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Change has left many marketers wondering, “How will these changes affect me?” In this on-demand webinar, you can find those answers without reading through pages of documentation. PLUS, Marketo’s Mike Reynolds joined us to address your questions and concerns. In this post: Overview of Changes and What it Means to You On Demand Webinar – ... Read More »

How to Boost Marketo Insights by Merging Intelligence

Most people can barely pronounce the word “concatenate.” Heck, I’ve used the word more in this post than I ever have in my life. In simple terms, concatenate is just another way of saying “to combine.” For Marketo operations folks, concatenating means grabbing intelligence from several fields and combining the values into a single field. This helps boost intelligence for ... Read More »

3 Reasons Why You Need to do a Data Health Check

Data health and inspection

Clean, accurate and up-to-date contact data is the lifeblood of every high-performing sales and marketing program. Quality data means better alignment to the right audience, higher quality leads, greater conversions and an overall positive impact in your ROI. Gary Katz, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer of Marketing Operations Partners, agrees. “High integrity data provides an essential foundation to successfully execute ... Read More »

Why July 4th is a GREAT day for B2B Emails? How to Get 100 Free Leads

Cute Boston Terrier Dog Wearing Fourth of July Stars and Stripes Sunglasses and Necklace

“Are you drinking too much of that holiday punch?” might be your first reaction. Holidays are usually a terrible time to send email to your B2B audience. Everyone is out of the office and enjoying the national pastime here in the United States. Exactly my point and your opportunity to generate new leads. Yes, click rates will be lower than ... Read More »

How to Track Inbound Calls in Marketo

Business call tracking with Invoca

For complex B2B sales, or considered purchases like insurance or financial services, there’s a watershed moment in the sales lifecycle. A point where a lead transforms from being just another name in your database, to a legitimate, forecastable sales opportunity. That moment is usually a phone conversation. While Marketo provides data-driven marketers with the complete, detailed story behind every click, ... Read More »

Four Step Marketo Blueprint to Automated Direct Mail

Blueprint for success

In part 1 of the series, we covered all the reasons why using email and direct mail makes sense. Today, we roll up the sleeves and get down and dirty on how to make that multi-channel approach a reality using Marketo and PFL. I’ll share some concepts on how to enhance your Marketo nurturing streams to make the sending of direct mail ... Read More »

Wrong Ways to Create Salesforce Fields for Marketo

Mistakes concept.

Suddenly, Marketing wants to start capturing a person’s favorite color or the size of the person’s company.  You are not a genie and can’t guess the color, so you need to create a field to start capturing that data via a form. Relatively simple, right? I’ve seen this 5-minute project turn into weeks. Today, I’ll dive into how to avoid common ... Read More »