Friday, March 24, 2017
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3X Your Results with Multi-Dimensional Nurturing


What’s one of your most successful campaigns for driving business? How does an increase of $380K in business and 250% increase in engagement sound? Today, I’ll discuss a blueprint one of our clients used leveraging automated direct mail and gifting within their nurture paths. Make sure to read until the end to find out how you can score a pair of Beats headphones. ... Read More »

How do you Measure Nurturing Success?

Your organization is spending boatloads on content marketing and lead nurturing, but is it really making an impact? It takes, on average, 10 marketing-driven “touches” to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to the top line (i.e. revenue). Source: Aberdeen Group Before kicking off any major initiative, think about how you want to measure success BEFORE you ... Read More »

Digital Incentives – Grab a Coffee with your Lead Nurturing


Looking to boost attendance for one of your webinars or increase demo signups? Give your recipients some coffee. Last week, we talked about how to create a true multi-channel conversation by integrating direct mail and physical gifting into your lead nurturing process. Automated direct mail and physical gifting offers a true second channel to reach your audience and break through the email clutter with an ... Read More »

Step up Your Lead Nurturing Game

Email Campaign

We all know that lead nurturing is a best practice. What are your plans to step up your lead nurturing over the next year? Better segmentation? Check. More targeted content? Check. Interactive content? Check. Those are the standard answers. How about taking your customer journey to a whole other level? In this two-part post, I’ll explore a few options to ... Read More »

Boost Your Nurturing Content with 7 Content Repurposing Dishes

Content Marketing Website Online Articles Information Video Communication

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance. MarketingSherpa Growing up, my mom had a knack for getting the most out of our family’s meals. Tonight’s turkey dinner turned into tomorrow’s sandwich for lunch followed by tomorrow night’s soup. Each of the meals used the same basic ... Read More »

Downloadable Content Inventory Worksheet

Content Inventory Worksheet

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance. MarketingSherpa Looking to build out a lead nurturing plan to customize the journey for your prospects but don’t know where to start? Develop the customer journey by inventorying your current content assess. To get started, I wanted to share this valuable tool ... Read More »

Direct Mail Meets the Power of Marketing Automation


The days of dropping direct mail pieces in bulk are over (or at least they should be over). Like email nurturing, the shipping of physical swag or postcards should be part of an overall journey—not just some blast approach. What is Automated Direct Mail? Automated direct mail merges the world of digital and physical marketing to enable marketers to send tangible ... Read More »

Lead Nurturing – Move Beyond Batch-n-Blast

Email Nurturing Conversation

Somewhat following on the path of last week’s lead scoring post, but taking a step backwards, today’s post is going to cover the importance of lead nurturing. And to begin with an analogy: Imagine you just got a new pet. This pet needs love and care to grow and have a good life. Without the proper amount of attention, food, and ... Read More »

Five Strategies to Boost Customer Retention


You don’t buy a car and forget to put gas in it. Don’t acquire a customer and neglect to nurture it. A recent shopping experience reinforced some of my thoughts about the importance of advocate and retention based marketing. Rule No. 1, Never Lose  a “Customer” Rule No. 2, Don’t Forget Rule No. 1 Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor and ... Read More »

Sit or Squat? – 6 Highlights from Marketo’s Boston Roadshow


The Marketo roadshow made its stop in Boston last Thursday at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston’s recently revitalized Seaport District. What did you miss? Check out below. 1) Sit or Squat? Mitch Joel Provides Some Great Insights…and Laughs Dubbed the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” by Marketing Magazine, the keynote was given by Mitch Joel of  Twist Image. He ... Read More »