Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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5 Signs You Need Predictive Lead Scoring

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If you’re like most companies, you’re constantly on the hunt for ways to create better alignment between sales and marketing. When sales are disappointing, marketing blames sales for poor execution on the valuable leads they sourced. Sales, in turn, argues that marketing is spending too much of the budget on activities that generate weak leads. Sales needs more, better qualified ... Read More »

Uncover the Golden Leads with Lead Scoring

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It’s fair to say that good lead scoring forms the foundation of any successful B2B lead generation operation. Welcome to lead scoring week. Today, we are going to discuss the basic concepts of how lead scoring can streamline your marketing and sales funnel. Later this week, we’ll introduce some advanced strategies around predictive scoring with guest poster Jessica Cross. Why Score? Imagine you ... Read More »

Content and Leads are Not Created Equal

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Most lead scoring models fail — at least initially. It takes a little time to learn the implications of one simple, undeniable fact: not all content is created equal. Consider the typical program, powered and driven by the marketing automation platform of your choice. Leads are typically scored based [...]
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Leads Living in the Lead Grave Yard? Recycle

welcome red carpet It’s tempting to build lead nurturing streams around your major campaigns—and stop there. But lead nurturing isn’t “one size fits all.” The best streams (or “nurture tracks”) help you send targeted messages based on a prospect’s stage in the buying process. Here are eight (admittedly offbeat) [...]
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The 5 Most Common Lead Scoring Mistakes

Each lead scoring implementation is unique and depends on many variables, yet all are prone to common mistakes and omissions. These are the top five mistakes in lead scoring usage as discovered during 3 years of working with lead scoring, both from the experiences of our customers and our [...]
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The Need for a Behavior-Based Program

Marketers, consider this your wake up call. Now, more than ever, buyers have more control over the sales cycle. Many prospects are anywhere from  54% to 80% of the way through the buying cycle  (PDF) before they're even comfortable inviting a sales rep into their evaluation process. Marketers must [...]
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