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Guide to Deleting Bad Data in Marketo

Delete bad data in Marketo

Is your Marketo database over the limit? Do you have lots of bad data living in your system that is driving down results? As described in part one of this post, the Gold Nugget Data Methodology is a systematic data retention process that helps organizations rid themselves of bad data and boost marketing performance. The Gold Nugget Data Methodology is part ... Read More »

3 Tips to Streamline the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Changes [On Demand Webinar]

Marketo’s recent announcement of the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Change has left many marketers wondering, “How will these changes affect me?” In this on-demand webinar, you can find those answers without reading through pages of documentation. PLUS, Marketo’s Mike Reynolds joined us to address your questions and concerns. In this post: Overview of Changes and What it Means to You On Demand Webinar – ... Read More »

Anatomy of Throwing a Killer Party

This past year, we spent a lot of time debating whether or not to rent a booth at the Marketo Summit for RevEngine Marketing. Instead, we decided to throw a small 50-person party for select clients and prospects. That small party then turned into the coolest event at the Marketo Summit with almost 300 party goers. How did this happen? What worked ... Read More »

You Launched Marketo. Now What?


So many times, companies get to a certain point with Marketo and other marketing automation platforms and want everything to just work. This is like creating a super fast race car and expecting it to drive itself. Or, building a mansion and not maintaining it. Unfortunately, the days of the Jetsons self-driving vehicles don’t exist. And neither do the days of ... Read More »

How to Boost Marketo Insights by Merging Intelligence

Most people can barely pronounce the word “concatenate.” Heck, I’ve used the word more in this post than I ever have in my life. In simple terms, concatenate is just another way of saying “to combine.” For Marketo operations folks, concatenating means grabbing intelligence from several fields and combining the values into a single field. This helps boost intelligence for ... Read More »

[Webinar] 3 Steps to Address the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Change

11/24 update: Now Available On Demand.  Visit the On Demand Post Now Marketo’s recent announcement, of the Marketo-Salesforce Sync Change, has left many marketers wondering, “How will these changes affect me?” Here’s your chance to find that answer, without reading through pages of documentation. Join us on Thursday, November 17th, from 1:00pm-1:45pm (ET), for a comprehensive webinar on these changes and the steps ... Read More »

Marketo Rocked Vegas – The 2016 Summit Recap

Marketo Summit 2016 Recap

What a great week at this year’s Marketo Summit in Las Vegas. 100+ marketing sessions, 6,000+ marketers, and a whole bunch of parties made this event one to remember. Here are some of my top takeaways. 1) New Marketo Summit Venue: Vegas After years of being hosted in San Francisco, Marketo switched gears and brought 6,000 marketers to sin city ... Read More »

Get Chilled Party Photos and Recap #MarketoIce

The Coolest Experience

Nearly 300 party goers chilled out at the minus5 ice bar at this year’s 2016 Marketo Summit in Las Vegas sponsored by RevEngine Marketing, Knak, Leadspace and rybbon. Scroll down to check out some of the fun Marketo Summit party pics. Did you Make the Videos? Share Your Photos #MarketoIce Tweets Make sure to Tweet with #MarketoIce to receive a ... Read More »

The Big Marketo Summit 2016 Party Map

Nighttime Party

When trying to navigate around the Marketo Summit 2016 for the best parties, should you walk, taxi, Uber? Check out the map below. Taxis. Taxis are plentiful at the hotel entrances but so aren’t the people. At busy times, there often can be a short wait for a taxi. Walking. Keep in mind that when you walk with a group ... Read More »

The Unofficial Ultimate Guide to Marketo Summit 2016

Guide to Marketo Summit 2016

Coming Soon: Marketo Summit 2017 Ultimate Guide Coming Mid-March 2017 More info on Marketo Summit 2017 It’s that time of year again. Spring is here and that means we have another Marketo Summit. Last year, over 6,000 attended in San Francisco. With over 100 sessions and multiple parties to choose from, it’s hard to decide which ones to attend. Use ... Read More »