Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Sales & Marketing Alignment in a Full Revenue Cycle


To maintain pace in a modern B2B marketing environment, it has become crucial to think in terms of a full revenue cycle, from initial awareness to sales closed, instead of simply in terms of a sales cycle. The full revenue cycle requires both sales & marketing departments working together towards the same revenue goals. McKinsey & Company recommends in a ... Read More »

Marketing Funnel Not Working? Go Surfing

Marketing Funnel Fix

Sometimes business conditions can lead to failure. Sometimes you need to surf. On a recent family ski trip to Jay Peak in Vermont, the snow was packed-powder perfect and the sun was shining bright. These are two big elements for a resort to have a great day at the ticket booth. Yet, there were a handful of skiers on the ... Read More »

The Drive-Thru Approach to Accelerating MQLs Through the Funnel

MQL Conversion Lead Funnel

Ever notice that when you go to a drive-thru window, some have timers? Why? Because the franchise has a goal for moving you through the system quickly—process your order (hopefully with a smile) and get you the heck out of there. Best-practice organizations treat Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs) like the person going through the drive-thru window. Move it through the ... Read More »

Generate New Leads from Out-of-Office Messages – Executive Q&A Series

Lead Intelligence

Each month, we sit down with some of the brightest minds to get their insights on how they are running their business in today’s digital marketing age. This month, we sit down with Matt Benati, CEO of LeadGnome to learn about what it takes to start an early stage hi-tech company. How to Create New Leads from Existing Leads…And Boost Lead ... Read More »

Share the Knowledge – Launch of RevEngine Insider

welcome to success enjoy the ride 2 sky with clouds 2

“Power is gained by sharing knowledge not hoarding it.” Anonymous Today, I am excited to announce a new site where marketers can go to share their experiences and learn about how to improve their business with marketing automation: As one of our readers noted “Pie-in-the-sky content is great but what I really need is step-by-step advice that makes my life ... Read More »

The State of the Data Industry – D&B Acquires NetProspex


My grandmother always said that you can’t make a good pasta sauce without the right ingredients. Translating that advice to the marketing world, data is one of the key ingredients that drives business success. Last week, data information power house Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) acquired emerging NetProspex for $125 million net of cash assumed. The acquisition is an example of just how important data ... Read More »

Five Strategies to Boost Customer Retention


You don’t buy a car and forget to put gas in it. Don’t acquire a customer and neglect to nurture it. A recent shopping experience reinforced some of my thoughts about the importance of advocate and retention based marketing. Rule No. 1, Never Lose  a “Customer” Rule No. 2, Don’t Forget Rule No. 1 Warren Buffet (American business magnate, investor and ... Read More »

5 Marketing Resolutions to Kickoff 2015


2014 came and went. Now it’s time to get going on 2015 and make a real difference in the New Year. If you are like most people including myself, you make a small list of things you want to do better. Be a better dad and husband, eat healthier, ski more, etc. How about the business side? Putting your business ... Read More »