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Sales and Marketing Alignment Begins with the Customer

50 percent of B2B sales staff keep missing their quotas. It’s a problem as old as business itself.  The culprit, according to sales, is the quality and volume of leads from marketing. The marketing department may be quick to snap back that sales is ignoring their leads or not [...]
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The Need for a Behavior-Based Program

Marketers, consider this your wake up call. Now, more than ever, buyers have more control over the sales cycle. Many prospects are anywhere from  54% to 80% of the way through the buying cycle  (PDF) before they're even comfortable inviting a sales rep into their evaluation process. Marketers must [...]
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Marketo Reinvents Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing with New Customer Engagement Engine

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Marketo, ( MKTO ) the provider of a leading cloud-based marketing software platform, today announced the availability of the Marketo Customer Engagement engine, the first marketing solution that intelligently and automatically manages the timing and distribution of the right content, to [...]
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Getting Higher Conversions Using Customer Intelligence

What’s missing from marketing automation systems today are insights into who customers really are, beyond their demographics and one-dimensional profiles in CRM systems. With more sales forces choosing to virtually connect with prospects through the majority of a sales cycle, understanding who a prospect is beyond their title or [...]
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Marketing Technology Insights: The Marketer’s Essential Marketing Technology Stack

As posted in  The marketer’s essential marketing technology stack is: Marketing Automation: The organizations who can adopt and master it fastest will be the ones that outpace their competition. As with everything, of course, if the attempts at marketing automation do not align with marketing and business objectives, then it will probably be a waste of time. Content Management: What also makes ... Read More »