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Why Marketing Can’t Automate Sales

Align Sales and Marketing

​Last year I brought my son fishing and he got frustrated when we weren’t catching anything. I explained to him that’s why we call it “fishing,” not “catching.” When it comes to business, we are getting spoiled. After all, today’s marketing technologies automate everything from lead scoring to email communications to email signature management (yes, a company does that). Scott Brinker’s ... Read More »

Best Practices for Marketo Landing Pages

Landing page example Marketo

Businesses use landing pages to collect information on their prospects in order to start the lead nurturing journey and pass leads on to Sales. According to Marketing Sherpa, 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers. Marketing Sherpa As with most marketing ... Read More »

2016 Marketing Events Not to Miss

Digital Marketing events 2016

Digital Marketing is exploding. And yes, we can all learn things online, but there’s nothing like getting educated in person or commingling with your marketing peers. On the vendor side, events help brands reach a physical audience to support lead generation and account-based marketing strategies. In fact, 96 percent of consumers said that participating in an event made them more inclined to purchase a ... Read More »

Is Your Email Content as Relevant as Corey Feldman?

Email to Nowhere

In the 1980s, star Corey Feldman was the cat’s meow at the box office and tabloids covered him everywhere. Today he’s attempting to start a singing career as his acting career has gone into obscurity. Don’t let your email become as relevant to your readers as Feldman is to a Hollywood filmmaker. For example, I just received an offer for a flea treatment for a product that ... Read More »

Communicating over the Holidays – Stop the Alerts

Your Sales and Marketing management team is sipping champagne on News Years, is opening presents with their families during Christmas or Hanukkah, or shooting off fireworks on July 4th. What do they NOT want to deal with?…Notifications for overdue leads. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s are filled with gift giving and family. It’s also filled with hangovers, crazy mall drivers and tons of “overdue ... Read More »

27 Marketing Leaders Share Top Lead Gen Strategies for 2016

Marketing Strategies 2016

Marketers are always asked to produce the “next great thing” that will take their business to the next level. We asked 27 of our marketing friends what they were planning in the coming year and their answers weren’t what you would have heard three years ago. Webinars? Nope. PPC? Not really. The common theme revolved around content marketing, inbound marketing and lead nurturing. “Get ... Read More »

5 Tips to Help You Excel at Your Next Trade Show

Expert Tips, Advice Concept.

Exhibiting at an industry trade show is a tried-and-true marketing tactic that can drive highly-engaged and qualified leads. But make no mistake: Pulling off a successful activation is more than just designing the perfect booth, ordering swoon-worthy swag, and making sure your most personable employees are ready to deliver the perfect elevator pitch. To maximize the impact of every single ... Read More »

How do you Measure Nurturing Success?

Your organization is spending boatloads on content marketing and lead nurturing, but is it really making an impact? It takes, on average, 10 marketing-driven “touches” to progress a lead from the top of the funnel to the top line (i.e. revenue). Source: Aberdeen Group Before kicking off any major initiative, think about how you want to measure success BEFORE you ... Read More »