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Four Funnel Insights Management will Love

Funnel Metrics

I’ve seen this numerous times (and yes, I’ve done the same). There is a Marketing review and management wants to see some results matched up against that funnel process Marketing and Sales keeps touting. This is the “oh s*#^” moment.  The funnel slide in the executive deck looks tremendous but reporting on it is a whole other story. The problem for ... Read More »

Get Your Names Straight – Best Practice Naming Conventions for Marketing Automation

Child Baking

A poor marketing naming convention strategy is kind of like an 7-year old trying to make a cake–eventually things are going to get messy. This might be fun in the confines of your kitchen but messiness has no place in marketing automation. Naming inconsistencies reduce reporting effectiveness, cause marketing inefficiencies and reduce marketing automaton power. For example, did Joe name ... Read More »

Close the Loop in Marketo with New Account Based Attribution

We all hear about tracking leads from creation to opportunity for closed-loop analysis. Marketo has provided great visibility into this lifecycle as long as one thing happens—Sales reps add Contacts to Opportunities in That link is vital to the process. You get a silver dollar if your organization uses Contact Roles consistently. The fact is many Sales reps create ... Read More »

New Marketo Features to Ignite Marketing Automation Innovation in 2H 2013

New Marketo Features to Ignite Marketing Automation Innovation in 2H 2013 Yesterday, I attended the Marketo Jumpstart roadshow in Boston with hundreds of other Marketo users and prospects. There was definitely a lot of good buzz about what Marketo is up to. Most customers were excited about the recently released Customer Engagement Engine (See previous 7 Killer Features blog post) that ... Read More »

Top 5 Marketing Automation Metrics

Top 5 Marketing Automation Metrics Measuring the success of marketing automation is an essential part of the overall revenue creation process. But what should you measure? Most successful marketers and organizations keep score with KPIs (key performance indicators). These KPIs help marketing executives keep a pulse on their business to show value to the organization. There will never be one report ... Read More »