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Guide to Deleting Bad Data in Marketo

Delete bad data in Marketo

Is your Marketo database over the limit? Do you have lots of bad data living in your system that is driving down results? As described in part one of this post, the Gold Nugget Data Methodology is a systematic data retention process that helps organizations rid themselves of bad data and boost marketing performance. The Gold Nugget Data Methodology is part ... Read More »

Four Data Steps to Widen Your Funnel


Do you know what percent of your addressable market is captured within your database? Most marketers are unable to answer this question. From what we see, it ranges between 30-45%. So, what if you could increase this number to 70-80% and widen the top of your funnel? You would expose your content and nurture strategies to a greenfield, while very ... Read More »

When to Flush Those Bad Leads: 8 Steps to Improve Data Quality

Trash. keyboard

Deleting data and cleansing your database is like peeling an onion. Once you think you have it figured out, some other layer of complexity arises. At first thought, deleting data is an easy decision, right? You have a group of leads in your system with bad or unsubscribed email addresses. Delete them, right? From a strategy perspective, this will boost ... Read More »

Wait I’ve Unsubscribed – Three Steps to Reduce Email Complaints


Ever get a message from an irate prospect that goes something like this? “I already unsubscribed from your $%^%# newsletter. Why am I still getting your $%^%# emails?” These emails are always great when the recipient fires off the response to the entire executive team killing the day’s productivity. That usually causes a nice fire drill for the marketing department. ... Read More »