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Communicating over the Holidays – Stop the Alerts

Your Sales and Marketing management team is sipping champagne on News Years, is opening presents with their families during Christmas or Hanukkah, or shooting off fireworks on July 4th. What do they NOT want to deal with?…Notifications for overdue leads. Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s are filled with gift giving and family. It’s also filled with hangovers, crazy mall drivers and tons of “overdue ... Read More »

Four Funnel Insights Management will Love

Funnel Metrics

I’ve seen this numerous times (and yes, I’ve done the same). There is a Marketing review and management wants to see some results matched up against that funnel process Marketing and Sales keeps touting. This is the “oh s*#^” moment.  The funnel slide in the executive deck looks tremendous but reporting on it is a whole other story. The problem for ... Read More »

Six Steps to Transform Your Lifecycle into a Revenue Machine


A month ago, I was down at Disney World and I was trying to get into this sporting tent to watch my daughter participate in a cheering competition. There were a couple hundred people in a massive crowd waiting to go through a door. It was chaos with no organization. It reminded me of an inefficient funnel where leads have a ... Read More »

How to Fast Track Your Lead Lifecycle – The Monopoly Approach

Monopoly lead lifecycle

While playing Monopoly with my daughter recently, I was thinking about a way to optimize a client’s lead lifecycle funnel. Yes, I should have been concerned with her recent acquisition of Boardwalk, but a sudden trip to Reading Railroad got my creative juices flowing. Finally, I had a great example for something we marketers must do to measure conversions effectively–the Reading Railroad ... Read More »

Marketing Funnel Not Working? Go Surfing

Marketing Funnel Fix

Sometimes business conditions can lead to failure. Sometimes you need to surf. On a recent family ski trip to Jay Peak in Vermont, the snow was packed-powder perfect and the sun was shining bright. These are two big elements for a resort to have a great day at the ticket booth. Yet, there were a handful of skiers on the ... Read More »

The Drive-Thru Approach to Accelerating MQLs Through the Funnel

MQL Conversion Lead Funnel

Ever notice that when you go to a drive-thru window, some have timers? Why? Because the franchise has a goal for moving you through the system quickly—process your order (hopefully with a smile) and get you the heck out of there. Best-practice organizations treat Marketing Qualified Lead (MQLs) like the person going through the drive-thru window. Move it through the ... Read More »

5 Considerations Before Syncing Marketo and Salesforce


A few weeks ago, we discussed the benefits of fully syncing data bewteen Marketo and Salesforce. Keeping your systems in sync is a best practice that will help boost efficiencies, improve Sales visibility and increase reporting effectiveness. Today, we examine the flipside of this argument with 5 things to consider before syncing Salesforce and Marketo completely. In my opinion, the benefits of a ... Read More »

How do you track Contacts in your Lead Lifecycle model?

How to manage Salesforce Contacts within a Lead Lifecycle process is a never ending debate. In Salesforce, a Lead is someone who needs to be worked–a Contact is someone who is known and belongs to an Account. The issue is Salesforce treats these two differently which poses all kinds of tracking and lead flow process issues. So how do you ... Read More »

Leads Living in the Lead Grave Yard? Recycle

welcome red carpet It’s tempting to build lead nurturing streams around your major campaigns—and stop there. But lead nurturing isn’t “one size fits all.” The best streams (or “nurture tracks”) help you send targeted messages based on a prospect’s stage in the buying process. Here are eight (admittedly offbeat) [...]
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