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What is Marketing Automation? 21 Pros Weigh In

Marketing automationPros

At its best, marketing automation is software and tactics that allow companies to buy and sell like Amazon — that is, to nurture prospects with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers.  HubSpot Ask a stranger what “Marketing Automation” is and you’ll generally get a blank stare. Try it the next time you ... Read More »

Marketing Funnel Not Working? Go Surfing

Marketing Funnel Fix

Sometimes business conditions can lead to failure. Sometimes you need to surf. On a recent family ski trip to Jay Peak in Vermont, the snow was packed-powder perfect and the sun was shining bright. These are two big elements for a resort to have a great day at the ticket booth. Yet, there were a handful of skiers on the ... Read More »

10 Marketing Automation Top Tips – The Wrapup

Top Ten Target Shows Special Rated Companies

The presents are opened and now it’s time to go try out your favorites. From sales alignment to snippets to tokens, here are 10 marketing automation tips with a Marketo twist to get your marketing automation system humming. We have released ten marketing automation tips  to make you a little more productive. Like presents, some are small, some are big–but enjoy them ... Read More »

Get Your Names Straight – Best Practice Naming Conventions for Marketing Automation

Child Baking

A poor marketing naming convention strategy is kind of like an 7-year old trying to make a cake–eventually things are going to get messy. This might be fun in the confines of your kitchen but messiness has no place in marketing automation. Naming inconsistencies reduce reporting effectiveness, cause marketing inefficiencies and reduce marketing automaton power. For example, did Joe name ... Read More »

Lead Nurturing: 8 Ways To Get Your Leads to Say I Do

How To Get Your Leads to Say "I Do" January 14, 2013 7 comments leadssalesandmarketing 50% of leads are qualified but not ready to purchase. Not ready to purchase means they need nurturing. Learn how to nurture your leads so you can increase sales: When you meet someone for [...]
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Marketo: What’s Coming August

Here’s a snapshot of what @Marketo has cooking for its August 2013 scheduled for 8/23/2013. Text-Only Emails – new option to send an email as text only.  REM Insight: Companies can now send more basic emails for customer support and service alerts. The new feature also provides more nurturing options as companies can give emails more of a non-marketing look ... Read More »