Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Jeff is an accomplished marketing expert with more than 20 years success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology organizations. Jeff is the founder of RevEngine Insider and regularly consults via RevEngine Marketing.
  • Ari Echt

    Yet another great post, Jeff. When we made the shift to ABM and SDRs were converting leads to contacts very early on, it created a lot of challenges with our Marketo workflows that were very lead-centric. I really like your Lifecycle solution. We created a slightly different approach to try and keep the Lead Status and Contact Status in sync so marketing automation had a better idea of where contacts were that had not yet been added to an opportunity. I wrote it about our process here. It’s a lot of work to setup, but is really helpful to have this information for a lot of different use cases. Thanks as always for sharing your great thinking.

    • jcoveney

      Thanks Ari for the feedback. Love seeing your process as it’s a very similar approach. We followed your model with a Client recenly by mapping Contact Status to Lead Status and experienced some weird SF mapping issue. The SF Admin got around it but took a like work. On a completely different note, congrats on the revvie nomination.

      • Ari Echt

        Thank you very much, Jeff.

  • Scott MacGregor

    Great article Jeff. This (along with the article that Ari shared) is a great guide to solving a problem that resonates with my org (and many others I expect). Thanks!

    • jcoveney

      Glad that helps Scott. This is a BIG Sales process change so getting reps using a new process takes time.